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Tim Baker 1 weeks
So calling for a lynching eh? Nothing like a mob of people whipped up into a blind fury to get real justice. Screw things like having the the actual culprit theres violence to be done.
Emmanuel Pagan 1 weeks
specifically states lynch the men that raped and murdered her, why is that blind fury and not justice?
Tin Ego 1 weeks
Emmanuel I find it staggering that you don’t know the answer to your own question. Clue , it’s a presumption going back to Magna Carta
Tim Baker 1 weeks
Let me explain Em a lynch mob doesn't ask questions and isn't accountable nor holds any legal authority. Lynch mobs are just that a mob. What happens if they get the wrong person who avenges them? You wanna lynch the person who pointed that first finger? Revenge is a dirty thing and rarely brings about justice. Think about what say next time before you say something stupid again.

porcus MOD 1 weeks
India struggles with rape, especially in the rural areas.

Seekster 1 weeks
I don't support lynching but I do think that any man who violently rapes a woman (as in actual forceful rape not SJW rape) ought to be castrated (provided the charge can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt).
K 1 weeks
What would that evidence consist of? A set of video recordings from multiple sources?
Conundrumb 1 weeks
Actual castration too, not chemical, which is really just meds to reduce urges.
Seekster 1 weeks
@K I was thinking a similar burden of proof as the death penalty since castration is also irreversible. I know that such a thing is never going to happen by the way.