China makes face scans compulsory for all phone users

China makes face scans compulsory for all phone users

China, on Sunday, put into effect new regulations requiring all Chinese telecom carriers to scan the faces of users registering new mobile phone services. The government says the move is aimed at cracking down on fraud. The new rule brings millions more under the purview of facial recognition technology in the country. Supermarkets, subway systems and airports already use the technology currently.

Peter 4 months

Our own government is doing it right here. They have contractors with all the tech companies. They just don't tell us.

Katharine 4 months

This is scary.

porcus 4 months

China allows you to buy as many phones as you want but you have to register with the government using a photo ID if you want a sim card for the phone. And the Chinese LOVE their phones, much more so than Westerners do. I have personally seen women driving their SUV on the city roads in Beijing with a phone in each hand. They won't even think twice about the facial recognition requirements.

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