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Peter 1 weeks
Our own government is doing it right here. They have contractors with all the tech companies. They just don't tell us.
Seth Racc 1 weeks
You think there could be a way to stop them from doing it or is it just too late?
Jon Gosselin 1 weeks
don't use smart phones
Marion 1 weeks
Man, wait until you guys find out about driver's licenses, IDs, social media profiles, and all those other things you give the government access to a record of your face. But I do agree, it is worrying than many governments move to find out every possible detail about their citizens.

Katharine 1 weeks
This is scary.
Seth Racc 1 weeks
This is China
JayTheArchitect 1 weeks
This is America too. At least they’re open about what they’re doing.
Stephen 1 weeks
You don't think that selfie cam is off all the time, do you?

porcus MOD 1 weeks
China allows you to buy as many phones as you want but you have to register with the government using a photo ID if you want a sim card for the phone. And the Chinese LOVE their phones, much more so than Westerners do. I have personally seen women driving their SUV on the city roads in Beijing with a phone in each hand. They won't even think twice about the facial recognition requirements.
..... 1 weeks
Yes they're absolutely deadly all on the phone and driving, and if they hit you they'll make sure to kill you to avoid paying medical fees because they'll just blame you and pay some money. Chinese are soulless vessels of Satan that are literally the cancerous scourge of the earth. 你会说中文porcus? You sound like you've been in China
porcus MOD 1 weeks
I have been there but I am unable to read or speak it. :/ My eldest progeny is self-taught at reading, writing, and speaking Mandarin and mocks me relentlessly for my lack of ability.
Human Kaleidoscope 1 weeks
..... damn you crazy