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SC joins Montana to end all pandemic unemployment benefits for jobless

SC joins Montana to end all pandemic unemployment benefits for jobless

South Carolina is joining Montana in ending federal pandemic unemployment benefits for its residents next month. The federal benefits include an extra weekly $300 to unemployed workers. Gov. McMaster said this was being done in light of ’unprecedented’ workforce shortages across the state, highlighting that ’In many instances, these payments are greater than the worker’s previous pay checks.’

Erich 0 months

Paying people not to work was ok while we “bent the curve”. Now it’s time to get back to work.

michael 0 months

If the payments are larger than their paychecks, that's an indictment of our wages, not the assistance.

TaxTheRich 0 months

You know if you raise wages so they're not slavery wages, maybe more people would apply. You can't get mad at people knowing their self worth.

Rensa 0 months

Pay your workers better than they will go back. I work 60 hour weeks and if dont get payed more for staying an extra 20 hours why would i put in extra effort.

Matt H.
Matt H. 0 months

I think the argument that people won't work if they have their needs met by UBI or something similar is inaccurate. The studies that have been done show the opposite is true. Also, it really says something about how you view people generally to think that lowly of them. If someone's struggling to pay rent and its made easier, you really think they won't want to keep working towards something better for themselves?

Glen 0 months

Congratulations for having common sense. All states should be doing this.

Jon 0 months

So many people in this thread with no concept of mathematics. Wages don't get dropped off magically by the wage-fairy. If you are getting paid for your work, it is because your employer benefits from that work. If they pay you more than your work is worth, they go out of business. Are you really so selfish that you think your employer is obligated so sacrifice themselves to pay you? Grow up!

Bill 0 months

The comments here are hilarious! "No one here owes you a job" "liberals are the Real cause" If $300 a week+ $70 unemployment is keeping people from taking minimum wage jobs-then the minimum wage Really Sucks! No 9ne is getting "rich" off that money!

Randall 0 months

With workforce shortages companies are forced to offer better pay to attract workers. If companies don't have to, these workers are then forced to work for the military. It's called economic draft. This way the wealthy don't have to serve risking their lives for their country.

Kyle 0 months

- Goveners want citizens to go back to slave labor wages - this should be what the headline says. A revolution is happening ✊. You cannot expect people to go back to work getting paid a dollar that losing value uncontrollably, while inflation is rising right now. Taxation is theft and income tax is the highest of all taxes. Just so happens the poorest and middle class are affected by the taxation rules and laws. Citizens run the government and markets. If they don’t or can’t work why should a Government official force them?

Omega 0 months

So I'm seeing a lot of comments about UBI in conjunction with dropping the federal unemployment subsidy. Here's the problem with cash handouts instead of cash in the form of pay for work output... What good does it do you have a base level of money if everyone in the country chooses to live on it instead of working? Then there's no one working at the farms growing food, no one working at the factories making products, nobody working at the stores to sell you anything (but that doesn't matter since there are no goods to buy). And if you think another country is going to accept your worthless UBI money and sell you their goods and services... UBI Money that is not backed by any output of goods or services being produced by the country paying the UBI, I think you'll be in for a ride awakening! Yes I know this is a drastic oversimplification, but on a meta level it describes the problem of UBI taken to the extreme.

Rocky 0 months

These moves are an absolute necessity unless we want inflation to be a leading cause of poverty and death in America. We are seeing unprecedented inflation right now on essential items. Well over 100% increases in multiple commodities. UBI and similar government printing operations are destroying the dollar's value at the expense of everyday families. The government dole needs to end immediately if it's not already too late.

Patty 0 months


Qanonsense 0 months

Local governments denying federal funding to their residents? How is that acceptable? It's not their money to block!

Eric 0 months

Lets get back to work america!!

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 0 months

Modern slave owners motivating slaves to get back to work, cracking the whip

Randall 0 months

Then increase the workers paychecks.

Matthew 0 months

Proud of my adopted home.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

Good we shouldn't incentive people to not work...

America 0 months

There is no arguement here. Do more.

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