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Dust Phoxner 1 weeks
Youtube wants to act like a publisher and wants to keep the protection of a platform. Youtube can either declare its a Publisher and be able to regulate content but also be liable for that content. Or they can declare themselves a platform allow for freedom of speech and have protection from liability; not both.
Article V FTW 1 weeks
Exactly! I'm glad someone is paying attention.
Lucy 1 weeks
How are they wanting to act like publishers?
cavedweller333 1 weeks
Trumps campaign has a history of using unlicensed music, I wouldn't be surprised if these were copyright claims.

ardurren 1 weeks
break up these fucking monopolies or suffer their rule. its about power not money for these ppl we can't let them hide behind the guise of free enterprise
Caleb Story 1 weeks
Especially, considering they are more aligned with Cronyism, than the free enterprise system. These guys have had government backing since day one.
Rhokanth 1 weeks
We need to bring back Rooseveltian (Teddy) era liberal Republicanism. Bust the trusts!
Mutatis 1 weeks
I would say the bigger issue, with the big social media companies atleast, is that the government is failing to enforce the legislation surrounding their designation as a 'platform'. Though the monopoly issue is definitely something that needs to be addressed across multiple industries at this point.

Dr. Ötker 1 weeks
And my colleague was just yesterday boasting about how Right Wing folks need to cheat to win the game. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Herbie Goes Bananas 1 weeks
Did you tell your colleague that the right won 2016 despite the left rigging the game?
Interdimensional alien 1 weeks
Still my favorite image is the Hillary supporter with the sign saying 'it's not rigged, you're just losing." I really want to know her opinion now.
nick 1 weeks
President Bush won twice.

Robert 1 weeks
Here is a real criticism of Trump. His election was won on the internet through a grassroots campaign, that is why we are seeing a massive crack down. He has done very little to protect the very means that got in power.
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
A very valid point, that isn't new. I wish this was taken more seriously.
Herbie Goes Bananas 1 weeks
As an avid Trump supporter I can totally agree with you on that.
nick 1 weeks
Sure it was...

David Giarratana 1 weeks
The Hill, Center: "That ad presents unfounded accusations that former Vice President Joe Biden offered military aid to Ukraine in exchange for the firing of a prosecutor that was investigating a company tied to his son Hunter." I guess I didn't see Biden literally say that was the case, then. I guess I'm just crazy.
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
Jeffery Wells 1 weeks
They are technically correct. Biden actually threatened to withhold aid that had already been offered if they didn't fire the prosecutor. He wasn't bribing them, you see. He was extorting them.
Barry 1 weeks
however that was the position of the us, eu and imf. Biden was just the messenger.

Seekster 1 weeks
For some reason YouTube believes I need to see more Bloomberg ads because I swear at least one out of every 5 ads I get on YouTube is telling me how Bloomberg worked his way up from the middle class and is going to beat Trump.
Takoda Ackerley 1 weeks
I get religious ads myself, pragerU, bible apps, homeopathic medicine sometimes. Probably because I watch atheist content, don't know why the google algorithms decide I need god.
Seekster 1 weeks
I should also mention that YouTube seems very keen on me knowing about the movie Black Christmas.
Paris Cloud 1 weeks
@Seekster sounds like someone should use Brave browser and just watch YouTube on that. No ads and background playback.

Tom 1 weeks
The real fascists and thought police!!

SimonR 1 weeks
Trump please notice this and fucking stomp these bastards
Brian 1 weeks
so you're for the government intervening in private business? I don't think that's a very conservitive or good idea.
SimonR 1 weeks
You're an idiot. Google is already more powerful than any government and every government already interferes with business. Begin stupid AnCap

Rational ific 1 weeks
And they are worried about "election tampering".

Little Scar 1 weeks
Don't matter. The leftist snowflakes can pull every string they have, call in all the favors. Donald Trump will remain in office till 2024 and after that Donald Trump Jr. 👍 Trump Jr vs Chelsea Clinton...gonna be glorious!
nick 1 weeks
Who cares, he does nothing for the average citizen’s life.
Stephen 1 weeks
Record low unemployment means the average citizen is employed. or do you not see that because you don't approve of the man in the oval office?
Marcus Rogers 1 weeks
Nick Tone the TDS down a bit mate, clearly your had enough cnn coolaid.

Ben B. 1 weeks
Proof that Google and Youtube are running interference for the DNC. Knock knock Susan Wojcicki and Sundar Pichai, FEC is at the door.
Jon 1 weeks
Straight up fake news, progressive shows on youtube are demonetized or blocked all the time and removed from the related views algorithm.
Stephen 1 weeks
The fact that it happends to both sides isn't evidence that it's not happening at all.

Little Scar 1 weeks
But they don't seem to have an issue w/ all the pedo content they have on YouTube Kids....weird! 😄
Grand Ol Propaganda 1 weeks
GOP loves paedophiles and guns!
Article V FTW 1 weeks
I suppose you're not wrong... pedophiles on the barrel end if guns do make us smile.
Little Scar 1 weeks
Grand Ol, don't kid yourself. There are pedos on both sides. One would have to be absolutely oblivious to everything known to not see that Creepy Slow Joe is a pedo. 🍻

Kevin McAlpin 1 weeks
it's a private company, they can do as they please. if you hate it, then you'll support categorizing internet as a utility. then these sites will be regulated. but til then, this is completely legal and checks out A-OK.
Marcus Rogers 1 weeks
and your just fine with "mah private company" trying to rig an election. Cuck.
Phil Scott 1 weeks
That's an extremely naïve and inaccurate statement.

Paul N 1 weeks
How many democratic ads were removed? Probably zero.
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
All of the ones Biden Gaffed on.
Corevalues 1 weeks
Don’t forget that Tulsi is suing google for blocking her on search engine but the far left hates her
Green Eggs and Spam 1 weeks
The establishment-center-left hates her, not the real left

James 1 weeks
hes still gonna winn 2020

Shane Olson 1 weeks
And who is surprised by this? Pro-Censorship left leaning organizations censoring right-wing (and left-wing) opposition. There is a reason why freedom of speech is part of the FIRST amendment.

Rage Against the Vagine 1 weeks
they were probably not approved for copywrite infringement of music, or for spelling and using grammar like a Chick-fil-A cow
Jeffery Wells 1 weeks
Google's transparency it's to both not show what exactly was banned, not say what specifically it did to get banned. Clear as frosted glass, it seems to me.

Ironborn Pyke 1 weeks
he's winning even more than ever

Alyy Defies 1 weeks
Hold on, how is that not election interference?

Harrison 1 weeks
If the ads can be proven to violate policy, they shouldn’t be running. Trump’s campaign frequently includes blatant lies and conspiracy theories in their ads, and those should be taken down.
Sammy 1 weeks
more leftist bullshit!
Random Bit 1 weeks
State one example??