South Carolina boy dies after father accidentally shot him

South Carolina boy dies after father accidentally shot him

A Thanksgiving hunting trip turned into a tragedy when a South Carolina man accidentally shot and killed his son. Colton Williams, 9, died of a gunshot wound in Orangeburg County. The fourth-grader was out rabbit hunting with his father and a family friend when his dad inadvertently shot him. Colton’s grandfather said his organs have been donated to three children. He was laid to rest on Sunday.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 7 months

He must of mistook him for a deer.

Robert 7 months

As much as I love hunting, it is prime retard season. You have a bunch of guys who shoot 3 rounds per year to "zero" their 3-9x 30-06s at 50 yards. They know nothing about penetration and ballistics of what they are shooting and have no concerns about shooting at a deer that is skylined, or has an occupied dwelling behind it. The shit that I have heard is amazing. A guy thought zeroing shrunk the grouping of his rifle. One that didn't know anything about scope offset. One that thought 30-30 was ineffective at 100 yards. etc etc

Shane 7 months

Absolutely horrible. While it is still the fathers fault for this whole thing, it doesn’t erase the fact of how horrible the matter is. I empathize so well when I think about how it would feel having my own child killed as a direct result of my own stupid actions.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 7 months

Thank you gun lobby for the death of another child. Annual compulsory testing to prove you know how to handle a firearm might have prevented this.

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