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Rhokanth 1 weeks
Bloomberg admitted he will no longer report negative news about Democrats, only Trump. Seems fair game.
Mutatis 1 weeks
When was that?
Rhokanth 1 weeks
It was about a week ago. Wall Street Journal has an article about it.
EnervatedSociety 1 weeks
Mutatis, It happened last month around the 25th or so. It’s not hard to find in a search.

Paul C 1 weeks
In a bizarro way seems legit. When the boss of that organization says we won't investigate on this group of politicians, but we will investigate you seems kind of overly biased.
Kevin McAlpin 1 weeks
bias is irrelevant when it comes to freedom of the press. he's tried this stunt before, didn't go his way. we'll see if he gets his way.
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
He'll be fine. Even if he were court ordered to allow them access, he would have won. Forcing Trump to give access to a rivals personal professional snoops/ "press"... that's just silly and everyone knows it. Why not complain about this disgusting billionaire and the millions wasted on this ego stroke of a campaign?
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
Bias is not irrelevant. Freedom of speech and of the press are not the same. The standard is higher for the press, always has been and it's silly and disingenuous to act like it's not.

Sir_Kutz 1 weeks
They are not reporters, they are propagandists.
Kevin McAlpin 1 weeks
doesn't matter; freedom of speech.
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
Indeed, freedom to give access... or not, to your campaign also. Freedom is nice, but often inconvenient.
Sir_Kutz 1 weeks
Kevin there speech is not being inhibited. Only there access to certain people.

porcus MOD 1 weeks
Katharine 1 weeks
hello fascism!
porcus MOD 1 weeks
HaHa! So you were ok with Bloomberg doing it to Trump then? Or is your middle name Hypocrisy? :D
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
Katherine, is it then facism for Bloomberg's magazine to say that they wont investigate Bloomberg or other Dems, only Trump? Maybe read beyond the headline. That's what this app is for.

Petri Fide 1 weeks
Meh... Bloomberg reporters can just keep reporting from their Twitter echo chambers.

White mana matters 1 weeks
Two can play that game Gloomberk!

Nathan Greene 1 weeks
what good would this do other than to make the president look insecure. ridiculious.
Correspondent in Virginia 1 weeks
Would you support allowing Trump campaign aides to follow the Democratic candidates around, writing down everything that is said or decided?
Correspondent in Virginia 1 weeks
Would you support allowing Trump campaign aides to follow democratic candidates around jotting down everything that is said or done?
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
Bloomberg's magazine said that they will not report negatively about the Dems, but will against Trump. Why would he let them anywhere near him?

JanitorJez swamp cleaner 1 weeks
"Indeed, no tyranny in history has ever tolerated a free press, or has survived unfettered scrutiny. Muzzling the press, however, can work only if a large segment of the public agrees with the would-be dictator that "bounds" really do need to be set."
Rational ific 1 weeks
Only thing is, they can still write what they want. They just won't have a free space at the White House waiting for them. How many other news outlets are in the same position, or do all of the thousands of news outlets get invited currently?
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Janitor I’m suprised you even recognize the legitimacy of Bloomberg News. If Trump News was a thing you’d be justifiably outraged given the circumstances. The fact that you’re defending this astounds me.
Blaeingr 1 weeks
Son, tyrannies always have their supporters, who are quick to denigrate those that do not follow the approved script. Janitor has been a good soldier following scripts or should I say scripture?

Ben B. 1 weeks
Good, they're opposition researchers, not journalists

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks
Do they do the same kind of reporting on the financial information the Bloomberg financial terms produce? Can you trust those terminals to be accurate or are the editorializing and just producing information they want you to see and not the truth?
npc8472 1 weeks
They literally said they wont report negative about dems but will about trump.

Kevin McAlpin 1 weeks
hahahahaha GOP freaks out because a private company removed ads. this is ok?? consistency........
npc8472 1 weeks
Are you on the right page? That comment doesnt really belong here.

Austin 1 weeks
npc8472 1 weeks

Katharine 1 weeks
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
You dont read the articles of the other comments. What are you doing here?
VaasDC 1 weeks
bk it's called, instigate and filler. you ignore these.
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
Good point