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Tin Ego 1 weeks
Maybe India should concentrate on clean water, sewage systems and waste management and leave space exploration for another day.
Vytautas 1 weeks
why don''t your country drop everything and focus on homeless problem?
michael zubas 1 weeks
because they blame it on the homeless and not the Big Banks.
I have no idea 1 weeks
I blame it on government intervention.

michael zubas 1 weeks
nice to see them try. lets hope this inspires their populous. lets hope India overcomes the past, and forges a better future.
BlunderingFool 1 weeks
Let’s hope they develop sanitation.
npc8472 1 weeks
And start working on some green energy.
Chris Cahill 1 weeks
Space program no problem In door shitters way way to difficult

dutch news agency 1 weeks
we are all still waiting for pictures of the LEM. still nothing after 50 years !! This proofs that Nasa was always lying about the moonlandings
George Ashworth 1 weeks
There are pictures of the LEM, and the tracks made by the lunar rover. They were taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter about 10 years ago.
Talon One 1 weeks
@George: They'll probably just claim the pictures are fake anyways.
Seekster 1 weeks
I am guessing Cornelius believes that all photos that contradict his views are fake.

Dave 1 weeks
womp womp
npc8472 1 weeks
How dare you!