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Paul C 1 weeks
How do you adjudicate something like this? Does Musk's side need to "prove" the guy is a pedophile or does that guy somehow have to prove he isn't?
👁️👃👁️👂 1 weeks
IANAL, but I think the paintiff needs to prove real damage as result of the alleged defamatory remark.
Paul C 1 weeks
Makes sense, thx.
Little Scar 1 weeks
Man vs Man, so Musk must prove the other guy is a pedo. Only if a woman spoke these words would the man have to prove his innocence. C'mon, brah, get with the times.

Kaleb Scott 1 weeks
Give me a break. Is he really not entitled to freedom of speech?
Watcher 1 weeks
Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence of speech. People used to dual over their honor to the death, this is just a very watered down version of that where property is taken not life.
TheWeakMinded 1 weeks
freedom of speech does not protect you from a defamation suit... it means the government cannot block your right to speak. if you lie and defame someone, you will be sued for damages