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Andy Rondeau 1 weeks
"They" say this almost every year, and every year they're proven wrong. SSDY
Skeptic MOD 1 weeks
Can you provide reference that they are mis-measuring global temperature? That this isn't one of the warmest on record?
porcus MOD 1 weeks
@skeptic, why? That's not the point of the OP.

BlunderingFool 1 weeks
News flash, temperature goes up after the end of an ice age.
Drago95 1 weeks
News Flash, you're an idiot
BlunderingFool 1 weeks
News flash, I’m not. the previous warming period had a massively higher temperature AND level of greening, the dead trees of which became coal deposits. You know nothing but feel-good propaganda so I suggest you start asking of your climate alarmist masters “why”. You want to be worried about the planet? Better go after china and India.

TheMadDane 1 weeks

Jeff Fisher 1 weeks
I have 80 million rows of data downloaded from NOAA, imported into a SQL database via SSIS and converted to a OLAP system that says otherwise. Our summer was nearly perfectly average, last winter was a bit colder over 78 years

Fixed Headlines 1 weeks
"Earth continues warming trend that began after the peak of the last Ice Age."

Got Truth 1 weeks
Propaganda alert!🚨

David Silverstone 1 weeks
Oh and your records are barely a century old. Yeah really scientific guys.