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Tim S 1 weeks
Surprise surprise, communist leaders becoming rich while their subjects suffer.
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
It's only $10 million. I'm actually disappointed. Even Castro had close to 1bn when he died.

Dave 1 weeks
If you send me your bank account details, we can transfer it into your account. Then when I land safely in Europe I will give you the password to get your share of the $10 million! We must hurry!
Lord Flasheart 1 weeks
You forgot to add the fee to release the $10 million. How much should I send you? "We must act with grate pace."
Dave 1 weeks
There is no release fee, that is a scam. I'm all set to travel to Europe, but I think they're on to me. I must purchase a fake passport, but all of the money is now digital and ready to be sent to you. Please send me $10,000 for a fake passport. I will repay you out of my share!
Barry 1 weeks
wrong country 😂😂

Little Scar 1 weeks
A rich communist leader?! Say it isn't so!

The Kosher Katfish 1 weeks
Forget the money! Who's gonna get that bomb-diggity jacket?!
michael zubas 1 weeks
that jacket, is in fact.....Badass.

Rational ific 1 weeks
He leaves behind a famine, though. That's at least something.

John Doh 1 weeks
Still not "real communism" by the woke Leftists.

John Doh 1 weeks
His jacket needs more color and faces on it. No one will take any politician seriously unless their suit jacket has at least 15 faces or wording on it.

RJ of Cthulhu 1 weeks
Sell it to forigen investors and invest in general infrastruce and legislation for easier entrepreneurship.

michael zubas 1 weeks
5 bux says they find it a year later in a shoebox.

Hannibal 1 weeks
Make Rhodesia Great Again.

Little Scar 1 weeks
Anyone else find it hilarious that we haven't seen a single socialist/leftist/loonie comment on this story? 😱 Weird!