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Aniolel Seer 1 weeks
To those who agree with that poll, I urge you read the second amendment. The federal government has no right to infringe on that.
Dave 1 weeks
I don't think stricter gun laws would help, but you reciting the 2nd Amendment like it's one of the immutable commandments of God doesn't help your case. It is after all an *amendment* an addition to the constitution. If you think all amendments are indisputable, the I suggest you read up on your 18th Amendment. Amendments can be amended, some of them can even be very bad ideas. Don't just be "Hurr Durr 2A! DO NOT INFRINGE!" because it means you have no argument and look like a gun loving idiot. Use reason and logic to argue your point. Stricter gun laws in the US will do nothing. It's like digging a hole in sand, the surrounding states just flood the hole with more guns. Not to mention all of the private gun owners who have mini manufacturing capabilities in their garage, making their own bullets and gun parts.
Spartan Life 1 weeks
Okay then so guns for sale at supermarkets same process as buying cereal and fruit. What about explosives? Those are arms yet I’m pretty sure no one is in favor of someone being able to just stroll down to sporting goods store and come home with a pack of granadas. To be clear I’m pro gun I own several and I fundamentally don’t think the democrats have the level of knowledge about fire arms to set responsible laws but to throw this kind of horse shit argument around just makes the pro gun right look like a pack of extremists.
White mana matters 1 weeks
How about restrictions for the mentally ill and violent repeat offenders? Background check would help.

pennydreadful 1 weeks
Interesting stuff: More than 342,439 people were shot to death in the United States from 2008 through 2017 - that's a person getting killed with a gun in this country every 15 minutes Gun homicide rate in the United States is 25 times higher than in other high-income nations
Fixed Headlines 1 weeks
"Interestingly: 121,592 murders using a firearm were committed in the U.S. from 2008 to 2017. The other 220,847 firearm deaths across that decade were a combination of suicide (61%), defensive use of a firearm against an attacker (37%), and accidents (2%). Source: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC, ICD-10 Codes: X93-X95, *U01.4."
Joshua Green 1 weeks
@fixed and likely 2/3 of the murders were gang/narco criminally related.
R0411 1 weeks
To be fair, you included suicides in the statistic for gun deaths over that 10 year period. Since only about 40% of gun deaths are homicides, or 136,976. Its debatable (and likely insufficiently resesrched) how many of the 205,643 would have still committed suicide. As far as the 25x homicide rate of the rest of high income nations, can you provide some data to back it up. I know we are higher, but that seems a bit excessive.

Mutatis 1 weeks
Not surprising, though somewhat depressing.