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Marion 1 weeks
Zimbabwe, the nation that murdered the white farmers and have the land to inexperienced blacks and caused a famine. They caused their famine because of their racist policy, they deserve no help in recovery.
R0411 1 weeks
Hey you, stop it with those lies. We kno that whites are the only racial supremacist, and that they obviously sabotaged those farms before they were so gracefully relieved of their lives by their fellow countrymen.
Syrocynical 1 weeks
remember when the somewhat successful Rhodesian state was in power instead?
Big Nate 1 weeks
To hell with them. They caused it.

Beisht Kione 1 weeks
In the very first line Rueters tries to blame the situation on climate change. Guess the whole killing and kicking the white farmers out of the country and tue farming struggles and famines they've had ever since just got sent down the memoryhole.

BlunderingFool 1 weeks
Stop feeding idealogical dead ends. They wanted this, they can suffer.
Chris Cahill 1 weeks
IKR I mean being really hungry is a great motivator to learn how to farm
BlunderingFool 1 weeks
If they didn’t want to be hungry why did they kill/oust all their good farmers? Ideology over reason.

Dust Phoxner 1 weeks
No. If you want to give them anything give them seeds and teach them how to farm if they can't learn they shouldn't have killed all their farmers and they can suffer the consequences.
Barry 1 weeks
they know how to grow things. the problem. tobacco makes them more than food does. add the problem that only about 10% of their land is farmable and a dash of drought and you have what we have now
Michael Mantion 1 weeks
if they learned, why would they work?
Chris Cahill 1 weeks
Well Barry that’s on them then if they use up the land they have for tobacco then they deserve to die of starvation.

NeverMetTheGuy 1 weeks
Send it with Greta Thunderbird.
Edward Williams 1 weeks
They'll rape her to death lol
Michael Mantion 1 weeks
she would lecture them while being rapped. u really hate the Zimbabwe

Cary Brown 1 weeks
Another great triumph for stupidity and bigotry in Africa. Now we're supposed to bail them out again?

Leo Miggel 1 weeks
"Send them food so they keep reproducing and after that they will not be able to sustain themselves because they kept reproducing unnaturally without resources" Flawless logic right there.

..... 1 weeks
Give a man a fish he eats for a day, kill the man trying to teach you to fish you can go fuck yourself.

The Gas Mask Man 1 weeks
Rhodesians Never Die... but Zimbabweans sure do

Hannibal 1 weeks
Make Rhodesia Great Again

David Silverstone 1 weeks
Fuck off, don't you dare send this aid to these genocidal fucks.

bobby_5150 1 weeks
Aren't all droughts technically climate induced?
..... 1 weeks
Not necessarily, it can be caused by poor management of water tables for example

WWG1WGA 1 weeks
The same ppl who ran the white farmers out of their country. We need to let Africa go extinct. Between famine Ebola and aids they should have been eradicated but NO ppl help these severely low IQ worthless ppl and now they are over populating. SEND NO MORE HELP for these things

Rational ific 1 weeks
Well, I guess white people are feeding them one way or from abroad after the land seizures.

Michael Mantion 1 weeks
future democrat voters once trump is out of office.

Little Scar 1 weeks
I'm confused...why is the picture of a chocolate lady walking throw a corn field(?) for a story that the UN is sending food? That's Also, anyone got that ladies number? Cause damn 😍

ConcealCarryProtect MOD 1 weeks
dis is not da wae

Jane 1 weeks
These comments are racist and disturbing. You stupid shits have no respect for humanity. We don't just let people starve because you think they don't matter. Cowardly racists get so brave behind a keyboard. It's very disgusting.
!Generic Clone 1 weeks
@jane - whether you like it or not, most people are against giving this aid because Zimbabwe genocided and kicked out all of the whites / white farmers, not because they are racist against black people. It is telling that you call everyone racist while not mentioning the racist black supremacist policies that got Zimbabwe in trouble in the first place. Please do some research on the topic before you comment. My 2 cents is pretty much the same as most others here; they made their bed so they can go and lie in it.

david dindu 1 weeks
no food aid. we need to decrease the worlds population to curb fossil fuel useage

michael zubas 1 weeks
Once Africa as a continent is FREE from NeoColonialism? then it will be able to provide for itself. just gotta break the proverbial shackles
harbringer F 1 weeks
Even more reason not to send aid. The west should not interfere. This will free the nation's of Africa to do what they want. No food and No money. The west should be forbidden by your argument.