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porcus MOD 1 weeks
This is idiotic and demonstrates that Warren lacks any qualifications. Lots of jobs require flexibility from the employees; you are free to find other work that fits your schedule if you don't want to be flexible.

Paul C 1 weeks
Is Warren intentionally trying to find "issues" to talk about that almost no one cares about?

Sir_Kutz 1 weeks
I work in an industry that waxes and wanes literally week To week. There is no possibility of predicability. If it was a problem there are other jobs that are not as much. I get paid slightly more because of this inconvenience.
TheWeakMinded 1 weeks
same here. sometimes a job is done at 2pm. sometimes 11pm. its life

David 1 weeks
So 15 employees is big business? obviously she has never owned a small business. this will result in business shrinking or closing. I know the problems Obamacare caused in our business, this idea would have forced us to break our company in separate companies just to stay in business.

John Doh 1 weeks
White House!?!? WHITE House!?!? WHITE!?!?! DID YOU JUST ASSUME HER RACE!?

dswizzle 1 weeks
Government regulated work schedules. Love it.

Michael Mantion 1 weeks
more automation will result.

Miles O'Brien 1 weeks
Who frigging cares? Warren has confirmed she is a micromanaging detail focused academic. The big picture, ie the country and the people as a whole, are beyond her abilities to conceptualize in any meaningful way.