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Seekster 1 weeks
Someone (or hopefully multiple someones) have been busy. Frankly I hope the Democrats drag out the impeachment proceedings all the way into late next year. It will cause even more people to vote for Trump.
Marcus Rogers 1 weeks
Yeah but that's not good for the country, honestly I just wished the Democrats got to work and tried fixing their shitty states before anything else, atleast that way they "might" have a chance against Trump.
M Medi 1 weeks
As a Trump supporter I agree with you Marcus. I feel bad for honest, hard working, non corrupt, common sense bi partisan democrats cause their leaders r useless, wasting there efforts on petty grudges. The least they could do is give their party a fighting chance.
NeverMetTheGuy 1 weeks
It'll benefit the country once the DNC either dissolves, or gets younger and/or a less insane other party comes into existence that isn't full of socialists and commies. They think Trump was scary, they'll be crying on the streets if the left actually gets socialism. Granted, if that happens there's possibly going to be a use of the 2A, but none of that is optimal.

Ted Hill 1 weeks
The problem with impeachment is it is just the Congress trying to remove the President. Mechanically that is it. All it has to do is clear the votes needed like any other legislative action. There need be no real reason, no pretense of justice. The reason there is any effort at all put into argument is that the Congress better damn well have the public behind them because they will otherwise be removed or worse. This show so far has changed almost no minds. Those that want Trump impeached still do and those that don't still don't. As far as those undecided, support for removal seems to be dropping. No amount of posturing here is going to change minds here. People are going to vote next year and that will be the decider.

Adam Marceau 1 weeks
if it is anything like the hearing and the process this description is accurate

Sasu 1 weeks
"TL:DR", Democrats

Tom 1 weeks
Three and a half years of trying to impeach Trump and all they can come up with is hearsay.
Crafty 1 weeks
He's a raving, lying, lunatic!
Herbie Goes Bananas 1 weeks
@Crafty Who Schiff? Yeah we know.
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
@Crafty, looks like someone never was told to stop being a drama queen. On behalf of adults everywhere, STFU with your emo-outburst and act like your old enough to use a mobile phone. "cause he's a lunatic, a liar, a bigot." Every day you and your ilk make ineffective so much vocabulary.

Seekster 1 weeks
These impeachment efforts are, like those of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, politically motivated. Americans made up their minds on whether Trump should be impeached well before the phone call was even made.
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
Except Clinton actually committed perjury and obstructed justice. He made it out of the Senate by slim margins, but in the end, a nothing burger, just like this one. And, more than likely, this will help Trump with the people as it did Clinton. And his investigation was orders of magnitude more bi-partisan than Trump's.

porcus MOD 1 weeks
I bet this will be read by more than the Democrat's Shampeachment documents.

Kevin McAlpin 1 weeks
0% chance they actually read it, much like the tax scam act of 2018.
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
No way will they. They want an impeachment badly to stir up negative press. Tax reform worked out great for me!😊
6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks
@BK, ditto.
cavedweller333 1 weeks
million, the issue is that they cut taxes while leaving spending effectively the same.

TrumpVotersAreIdiots 1 weeks
For a narrative that claims that the charges are obviously bullshit, that's a pretty hefty effort. Sounds like desperation.
America 1 weeks
Democrat report: 300 pages of pure emotion driven nonsense. Republican rebuttal: 123 pages of clear concise truth. Empty can rattles the most IMO.
cavedweller333 1 weeks
America, have you even read the reports, I'm not too far in, but so far the dem one isn't emotion driven, it focuses on testimony and factual evidence.
America 1 weeks
Politicians are really good at faking or witholding emotion. Thats why they hold the positions they do. Ironically this is why I love Trump so much, he's not a career politician, tells it like it is and is horrible at masking emotion. KAG 2020!

Sir_Kutz 1 weeks
The best rebuttal would have been a Trump rebuttal. “WRONG!” Haha

David 1 weeks
This is gonna be a fun read. Is it just "read the transcript" and "no quid pro quo" over and over, like 90% of their talking points are?
Edward Williams 1 weeks
Okay, which one are you? Jackie or Mod?
RJ of Cthulhu 1 weeks
But are you going to read it to find out?
VaasDC 1 weeks
sondlands text already demonstrate no quid pro quo.

TrumpVotersAreIdiots 1 weeks
Projection at its finest.
America 1 weeks
Its not a projection if they've read it and reported an opinion piece on it. Unless of course your definition of projection doesnt merry up with websters definition.
VaasDC 1 weeks
america, something I've noticed most people hard left seem to make up their own definitions.
America 1 weeks
I know that's the point im driving home here. 2021 does it quite a bit and I doubt we'll even get a response to something in which he has to define. But thanks for affirming good sir/ma'am :)

porcus MOD 1 weeks
HaHa! Shampeachment round 1 is an utter failure.

Akira Kevin 1 weeks
well that was a waste of time

Scruffy Stoat 1 weeks
They have nothing. The only thing they do have they aren't even using, Trump's protection of the killer Anne sacoolas, who is guilty of manslaughter, obstruction of justice, and fleeing the country, but all Trump has to say to the grieving family of a murdered son is, "you should come in here and meet your son's killer, we need healing." So sickening.

john 1 weeks