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Paul C 1 weeks
Hmm, dare I say it... Bombshell lands on CNN's doorstep.
America 1 weeks
Exactly, hold them accountable! Got proof CNN?
Dr. Ötker 1 weeks
Breaking News: we, at CNN, are breaking!

porcus MOD 1 weeks
HaHa! Nail the liars!

Little Scar 1 weeks
It's about time the Republicans start having a spine and go after these....idiots.

TrumpVotersAreIdiots 1 weeks
And the dominos fall one by one.

..... 1 weeks
Trump should follow suit and donate the winnings to the wall!!!!

anthony 1 weeks
I can't wait for this lying POS to end up in jail for the dirty work he did with Giuliani and his aides in the Ukraine. This is the same turd that is currently suing a fake cow! A complete moron and totally unfit and too compromised to be on the House Judiciary Committee.
..... 1 weeks
Bro that was joe biden and sonny boy
FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks
Meth terrible drug. Not even once. It turns you into a Democrat.
..... 1 weeks
I like to think walter white was a republican though 😂 just because he was such a badass

Cory Pritchard 1 weeks
This guy also sued a cow parody of himself on twitter.

Home 1 weeks
CNN should sue back and bankrupt Devil Nunes.