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bobby_5150 1 weeks
I heard it's number one on the New York Times bestseller fiction list.

Dust Phoxner 1 weeks
*Receives Impeachment Report* My Response: Why the hell did you give me a hamburger bun with nothing inbetween? *pouts like a kid* I wanted a big mac 😠

Matthew Maxfield 1 weeks
mmmm a nothing burger my favorite and the only thing i am getting from the democrats on impeachment

Paul C 1 weeks
Think Newsvoice needs better tagging. The Guardian really should be marked as Left, well unless we just all agree that Europe means Left.
Little Scar 1 weeks
Pretty sure anyone with a thought in their brian would know that "Europe" means "Left." 👍
porcus MOD 1 weeks
Those brians... can't trust them to be honest ever.

Paul C 1 weeks
Wouldn't clean my backside with the paper that pathetic bunch of malarkey is written on.

Pj Sina 1 weeks
man, the Dems are so dam desperate, it's obvious

Petri Fide 1 weeks
So more of the Adam Schiff vaudeville parody show. Next act up is the Nader juggling clown act.

VaasDC 1 weeks
obstructed congress by withholding witnesses, hes allowed to do that.

Judi Em 1 weeks

Occam's Chainsaw 1 weeks
"significant misconduct" <> "high crimes & misdemeanors", also - "significant misconduct" is not so significant when everyone else is doing the same if not worse

porcus MOD 1 weeks
Shampeachment speak for "no evidence of actual crimes". Tim Pool has a great video on Nov-26th going over the Democrat's strategy with the Shampeachment.