Ex-Intelligence official reveals challenges of briefing Trump

Ex-Intelligence official reveals challenges of briefing Trump

Ex-Deputy Director of National Intelligence Susan Gordon said that President Trump frequently expressed doubt in response to his intelligence briefings. Speaking to the Women’s Foreign Policy Group, Gordon said Trump had two frequent responses during briefings - ’I’m not sure I believe that,’ and the other ’Why is that true? Why are we there? Why is this what you believe? Why do we do that?’’

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 6 months

Brennan a former CIA head has been an enthusiastic proponent of the Russian collusion narrative. In the past US intelligence appears to have played a significant role in the overthrow of an Iranian government leading to much of the mess that continues still. Is it that they get so caught up in their own echo chambers and sense of superiority that they loose any sense of objectivity? Is it that those at the top of the tree have vested interests in mushing narratives which serve the interests of arms manufacturers and hardly anybody else? Being sceptical of intelligence briefings seems like a really good thing for those not wanting a continuation of the same sort of policies which have lead to continuous war mostly making things a lot worse for those directly impacted rather than better.

Linda Hatch
Linda Hatch 6 months

They frame this like she is trashing Trump...it seems like up until now no one has asked a question in a briefing or challenged how they got to the conclusion they did. She ultimately said she enjoyed the challenge and trying to relay information in a businesslike manner as was forced to prepare much more. so basically he is making you better at your job and don't what every other President should have done but didn't? I guess this is what happens when you have a president that is a real world leader and not a politician. Pushes people to be better at their job, expects more. Makes them perform better without negativity or incentives. interesting.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

It's kind of a funny thing, in the movies they show intelligence officers as either super competent and almost psychic in their powers OR they are bumbling, stumbling fools. I get scared when I sometimes start to think the latter version is closer to the truth. Same thing when I watch the show Veep...

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