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porcus MOD 1 weeks
Seems like a good idea to repatriate the ISIS fighters to their homelands. Including France.
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
I have a more better idea than that. Terrorists/ISIS should be sent to Guantanamo where they are psychologically conditioned to despise Islam and feel true remorse for their actions. Then, we let them back out into regular life with a warning that they will be executed at any random time. (yes, just like the dissidents in 1984). Some random time later, they just vanish from society. Hopefully not before their newfound hatred/shame towards Islam guided authorities to the detainment of other terrorists.
porcus MOD 1 weeks
Seems easier to just send them to China...
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
Well if we were to do that, we might as well just take China out of the equation and straight up harvest their organs and toss their bodies in one of those incinerator power plants.

Adam Marceau 1 weeks
knowing how crap France is being run they are already importing plenty of them

Paul C 1 weeks
Christmas gift for Macron: ISIS fighters and a side of 'Freedom' fries!

TrumpVotersAreIdiots 1 weeks
Donald Trump, destroying America's credibility since day one, one meeting at a time.
America 1 weeks
Swing and a miss! Better luck next season.
..... 1 weeks
Yeah, tell us o great one which Democrat candidate do you support for the 2020 election then?

..... 1 weeks
Fuck mascaron! (Yes the spelling is intentional)

Pete Nell 1 weeks
Makes one think we should bring back the old English punishment of 'outlaw'. Ie the law no longer defends the person, then let the population sort out the Isis members.

Marc 1 weeks
Why cant this guy just go to these world meetings and be normal?