Former Yazidi slave girl confronts captured ISIS terrorist

Former Yazidi slave girl confronts captured ISIS terrorist

Ashraq Haji Hamid, who was just 14 when she was abducted by ISIS and sold for $100 as a sex slave, confronted her rapist in a TV interview. ’I was 14 years old when you raped me. Look up. Do you have feelings? Do you have honor?’, she asked Abu Hamam as he stood handcuffed in front of her. Hamid collapsed to the ground as she spoke to her captive. Hamam is currently in custody in Iraq.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 4 months

He's only sorry he got captured. Stick his ass in some God forsaken hole and let him eventually die like the dog he is.

Simone 4 months

Al-Iraqiya TV also interviewed Humam about his treatment of Ms Hamid to which he unapologetically said: "She did not want it so I beat her to make her agree to the rape" Also, this wasn't the first time she confronted this guy. A few years after she fled to Germany in 2015, Abu Hamam stopped her in the street in Stuttgart and told her he knew where she lived.

Seed 4 months

ISIS are degenerate savages with no honor.

Kyle G
Kyle G 4 months

The wickedness of the human heart is staggering.

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