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Marcus Rogers 1 weeks
Welcome to capitalism comrade.

porcus MOD 1 weeks
I seem to remember pointing out to certain people on the app that some of the Cartels have legitimate businesses... here is one example.

MoralKombat 1 weeks
Why does it take the brother of a notorious drug lord to actually release an affordable foldable phone? I also appreciate how the product is being marketed, I almost forgot what it looked like when product models were chosen for their attractiveness and not based on formulaic virtue signaling criteria.
Kyle G 1 weeks
I’m sure it comes at a greater cost.
MoralKombat 1 weeks
@Kyle most definitely, but so does any other rare-earth element based electronic device we've proliferated our civilization with.

pseudo 1 weeks
That's badass, I want one.

IvoryDove 1 weeks
Drug money funneled into a legitimate business opportunity... Is this a new idea?

Bennington 1 weeks
but is it full of coke though?

Louis S 1 weeks
I love how the advert has 0% focus on the phone and 100% focus on the girls. I finished the ad in a daze, not having a clue what the phone looks like, what it does, or why I'm suddenly hard. What were we talking about?
Akira Kevin 1 weeks
The ad that's only on the website (direct video there) is udderly blatant.
Edward Williams 1 weeks
Which website?

John Doh 1 weeks
Another shining example that crime does pay.

Starr 1 weeks
I am legitimately considering purchasing this due to not only the value of the phone itself, but because who the hell wouldn't want to say they have a phone made by Escobar's brother?

Edward Williams 1 weeks
It's Escobar's brother, so I'm wary
Airus 1 weeks
get fucked over by escobar, google or Apple. Doesn't really matter

M Medi 1 weeks
If this product is truly good quality I’d support it 100%, $300 something is a great value...we need more innovators and investors who of course want to make money but be reasonable to us middle class, lower middle class, upper poverty folk who sometimes (or maybe most of the time) can’t afford the ridiculous iPhone prices. Hope the carnal doesn’t screw his consumer base by selling his soul to sat**😏🍎

EvilDips 1 weeks
but does it come with an 8ball?

..... 1 weeks
It should be sold as an anonymous platform for users. That would increase its sales considerably

Lord Flasheart 1 weeks
Watching the youtube promotion, does she come with the phone?

Sir_Kutz 1 weeks
Does it come with free coca?

RJ of Cthulhu 1 weeks
While I am worried about malware, I really want this sick piece of tech!

I Am Grug 1 weeks
Yup already ordered 40 phones.