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Buttigieg slammed for volunteering for Salvation Army in 2017

Buttigieg slammed for volunteering for Salvation Army in 2017

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was criticized by LGBT magazine ’Out’ after 2017 photos of him volunteering for the Salvation Army surfaced on Tuesday. The author of the article said Buttigieg’s volunteer effort would be ’super nice’ if only ’the Army didn’t have a history of discriminating against LGBTQ+ people. Buttigieg is the first openly gay Democratic presidential candidate.

Tom A
Tom A
6Million$Mansplainer 8 months

Excellent, the gay guy isn't gay enough for these weirdos.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 8 months

Intersectional politics at its finest.

Seekster 8 months

The Salvation Army is an amazing organization that does great work. Not agreeing with them politically is a pretty crap reason to attack them.

nick 8 months

Is this a joke?

Mitchell 8 months

Imagine being so tribal you have the nerve to imply a "No true gay man" argument against a historical candidate.

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 8 months

Eating their own.

Andy Rondeau
Andy Rondeau 8 months

Just WHO is acting like a bigot here? Certainly not the Salvation Army.

IvoryDove 8 months

Homophobic!! Oooohhhh!! Phobia: 1. "An irrational fear or hatred" 2. "A disagreement on public policy" The latter definition is not to be confused with the former, except for political purposes.

User Inactive
User Inactive 8 months

You can't serve two masters.

Based Haole
Based Haole 8 months

again gays hate charity...good luck with that

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 8 months

I say slam the Salvation Army for allowing this freak anywhere near the organization.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 8 months

Ha ha ha! More dirt on Bernie’s opponents! Bernie 2020!!!

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