House Intelligence Committee publicly releases impeachment inquiry report

House Intelligence Committee publicly releases impeachment inquiry report

The House Intelligence Committee released their report on the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday. This move comes on the back of weeks of closed-door and public hearings that were conducted in the impeachment inquiry. As per the report, President Donald Trump abused the power of his office in order to pressurize Ukraine to investigate his political opponents.

WWG1WGA 5 months

Just like he saw the 100% proof of Russian collusion.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 5 months

What evidence?

Scorpio 5 months

Schiff is terrified

porcus 5 months

Schiff lying again, just like all the rest of his lies. I want to see the Trump nudes he says he has...

L C 5 months

its only "uncontested" if you ignore every single counterargument

Obvy. 5 months

"Schiff says"? "I'm only gonna say this 7 times" Schiff also says, but may I ask where that went?

Seekster 5 months

That depends on what your definition of "uncontested evidence" is.

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 5 months

Consider the source

James Smith
James Smith 5 months

I cannot understand how witnesses called by a partisan committee have any real contribution to make? if they had asked four to testify, two for and two neutral or against, then we could have something to learn. If the POTUS is guilty of an impeachable offense it can withstand scrutiny, but this appears to be a kangaroo court. My biggest disappointment is the coverage and comments provided by The Hill, they can't represent the center IMO.

User Inactive
User Inactive 5 months

I can count on the middle finger of my left hand how many fucks I have to give for this impeachment nonsense, in fact the only one I have will probably be given as a vote to re-elect President Trump if only out of spite. The DNC has truly become it's own worst enemy.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 5 months

The absolute soy filled bitch that invented this image genre (of placing a cutout of the top of a head at eye level with a shitty gradient background) needs to be ejected into the sun.

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 5 months

I'm not going to keep arguing this anymore with people with zero sources, so I'm just gonna leave this link that explains it all, it has rebuttals to things maga fans will say and it's got links out the wazoo. For those of you for impeachment this will absolutely help your arguments. For those of you against impeachment at the very least provide a counter source to back up whatever you will claim or else you're making it up...

Katharine 5 months

what a day

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