George Buck slammed by GOP leadership for saying Ilhan Omar should hang

George Buck slammed by GOP leadership for saying Ilhan Omar should hang

George Buck, the Florida GOP congressional candidate has put himself in immense trouble with the GOP leadership, after Mr. Buck suggested that Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar should ’hang’. Rep. Steve Scalise said that an apology should be issued immediately by Mr. Buck, and said that there is no place for violence in politics.

Kyle G
Kyle G 2 months

So suggesting people should be held to the fullest extent of the law is now a “call to violence”?

Based Haole
Based Haole 2 months

Punishment for Treason is death though...see how quickly the rich and powerful Political Whores begin screaming when they realize if she can be hanged so can they....this isn't anything but a desperate plea to maintain the current two tier system of Justice so far used to keep these people out of prison or off the gallows

porcus 2 months

Here we see that the GOP is still spineless, testicleless, and quick to roll over the moment they get a mean word said to them. If it wasn't for Trump the GOP would fold like a snot-filled tissue soaked in water. Man does the GOP need to purge the ranks after 2020. Get more fighters on there.

4thHogage 2 months

White republicans really hate strong progressive women, or women with back bone in general

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

I guess it’s en vogue for GOP candidates to suggest hanging their opponents this month.

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

It is too far to say that someone should hang. We should not go in that direction.

White mana matters
White mana matters 2 months

Yeah, I think we should hang out. Ya know : palling up, go places, shoot the breeze. Who knows where it would lead? We already know she likes her white meat: I may have a chance to hang my boxers at her place too. 😎

MoralKombat 2 months

Their is no place for violence in politics? Did anyone bother to tell the Clintons that?

Mitchell 2 months

Congrats dipshit. Now the left will take this and fly up and down the street screaming how this PROVES the republicans are evil!! You guys voted for this dumb ass.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 2 months

Maybe the law should be followed and perhaps that leads to a public and legally justified hanging.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 months

But she's a real fucking bitch alright. Who FUCKED HER BROTHER.

..... 2 months

He was just following what the coran prescribes

Innerparty 2 months

Why not?

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