$100 million lawsuit filed against Trayvon Martin’s parents

$100 million lawsuit filed against Trayvon Martin’s parents

Trayvon Martin’s family and others are being sued for $100 million by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman who is from Florida was acquitted of murder after shooting Martin in 2012. His lawsuit seeks $100 million for ’malicious prosecution’ at his trial. Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother is being named the lead defendant in the suit.

porcus 5 months

Should be suing the media and politicians.

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 5 months

I hope he gets every dime.

Shalyn 5 months

What is WRONG with this man?? Leave those poor people ALONE already. I honestly don't care if you were found innocent or guilty, you took a life, period. There is a whole community of people, especially his family, that were wounded in a way that changed their lives. They are in pain, haven't you done enough?? I honestly think you have a compulsion to be in the news. Go away already. You are a sick person. Disgusting.

Bill 5 months

Good sue those Ghetto Rats for everything they got !

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