Chinese Foreign Minister meets South Korean Prez, criticizes US

Chinese Foreign Minister meets South Korean Prez, criticizes US

Conciliatory remarks were offered by a senior Chinese diplomat to Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea, after ties between the two nations were strained by a US anti-missile system. Wang Yi, the foreign minister of China, met with Mr. Moon and criticized the US for indulging in what he called was ’Cold War thinking’.

porcus 4 months

China absolutely does not want the US anti-missile defenses on its borders. Guess we will see how they negotiate with South Korea...

America 4 months

Trump said something this one time to someone else and they overheard someone else talking about it. Impeach!!!!! /s

Bart De Bock
Bart De Bock 4 months

ok? ive said way worse things, most of the time as a joke/troll, who cares

Bill 4 months

During the beginning of the Korean war N. Korea flatten Soul and over ran it in hours . Since that time S. Korea after 1954 had ample time to move its capital South out of danger . But they never took the chance they had and will pay the price . If ChiCom tells N. Korea its OK to cross the border all 10 million citizens of Soul S. Korea are Dead . Everybody along the DMZ dead eradicated exterminated . N. Korea not a modern military in the sence but they got the numbers in men tanks artillery rockets planes and so on , there artillery and rockets would rain Hell on Soul the Financial hub of S. Korea . I spent 3yrs in S. Korea and they are ready at anytime for an attack , but , from the beginning Soul would be Wiped Out !

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