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U.S. trade deficit at 1-1/2-year low

U.S. trade deficit at 1-1/2-year low

The U.S. trade deficit dropped to its lowest level in nearly 1-1/2 years in October. The Commerce Department said the trade deficit tumbled 7.6% to $47.2 billion, the smallest since May 2018. The goods trade deficit with China fell 1.1% to $31.3 billion, with imports unchanged and exports increasing 3.4%.

Seekster 8 months

More good news.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 8 months


I have no idea
I have no idea 8 months

Very good yes.

Just_Saying 8 months

Yet the national debt continues to outpace economic growth, Thanks Trump.

npc8472 8 months

I'd like to know where the left is on this one. Arent they always screetching about 50/50 parity? I guess that only matters when it's one of their pet projects in the course of destroying western culture.

porcus 8 months

Where's miles? Tell us how bad this is miles! Tell us how wrong Trump is!

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 8 months

Did people not read the article? This is not necessarily a positive occurrence, MAGA hat wearers so quick to pat their boy on his back!

Alt nothing
Alt nothing 8 months

🤔😂😂😂 Read the article and see the full impact not just the headline and proclaim alls good. Yes t'ere's some elements that are possibly good some might be short term gains but could lead to long term harm.'Don't just assume a headline tells you everything. I realise. 'hat's said'you'll read the full article and proclaim people warning of the possible dangers or indicating its not all great news are Lefties, liberals, Dems blah blah blah etc. 😏

tenoclock 8 months

Orange Man Good!!

Austin 8 months

So we are seeing a lower trade deficit because we are importing and exporting less. Unless this means we are finally becoming self-reliant I just see this as a natural thing with the Trade War with China. They buy a lot from us and we sell a lot to them. When high tariffs come trade between is less. Unless I am missing something.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 8 months

Spanksters don't read! 🤣🤣🤣

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