Video shows man climbing over new border fence

Video shows man climbing over new border fence

A video posted to social media shows a man climbing over a new portion of a border wall in Otay Mesa, San Diego, using a rope ladder hung on the Mexican side and sliding down the fence on the US side. Two others are seen accompanying the man. However, a CBP car soon pulls up, forcing the others to abandon their mission. This comes weeks after the barrier was hailed as ’virtually impenetrable’.

Chris Austin
Chris Austin 5 months

So, the wall did its job. Slowing the crossing in order for our border patrol to stop them. Good news.

The Gas Mask Man
The Gas Mask Man 5 months

A truck from border patrol pulled up, arrested one guy and then the other 2 fled oh but of course walls don't work

PhreneticNI 5 months

It was and is silly to suggest that the wall will solve all of our problems, but most people arriving at the wall won't have the means to get over. Also, the ladder in the picture is not a rope ladder.

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