Virginia panel says racist laws should be purged

Virginia panel says racist laws should be purged

The special commission set up by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has said some of the state laws around racism and discrimination should be repealed. The commission noted that Virginia still has dozens of racist laws on its books that enforce segregation and racial inequality. Some of these include a poll tax aimed at black voters, prohibition of interracial marriage, among others.

Seed 2 months

Interracial marriage ban was struck down by SCOTUS a long time ago so it cannot be enforced. Should be repealed (the Virginia law) though

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 months

Sounds good. Wonder if Ralph announced this in blackface...

Seekster 2 months

I agree.

Frederick 2 months

Yeah, good job. I hope they win.

Dawlben 2 months

I thought they were struck down already?

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