Trump mocks Pelosi for ’nervous fit’ after she rebukes reporter

Trump mocks Pelosi for ’nervous fit’ after she rebukes reporter

President Trump on Thursday mocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for having, what he called, a ’nervous fit’. ’Nancy Pelosi just had a nervous fit. She hates that we will soon have 182 great new judges and sooo much more. Stock Market and employment records’, Trump tweeted. The tweet came shortly after Pelosi rebuked a reporter for asking if she ’hates’ Trump.

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 4 months

That, uhhh, struck a nerve o_O

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 4 months

WHat a hateful woman. She is bonkers and crooked like the crack head begging for money in the parking lot. Oh wait that is what most of the people in SF that voted for her have to endure every day along with street shitters.

America 4 months

She's losing it. Must be alot of pressure keeping all the lies straight.

porcus 4 months

I saw some videos of her as Darth Insidious shooting force lightning at the reporter while he screamed in agony. Very amusing.

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