John Kerry endorses Joe Biden for President

John Kerry endorses Joe Biden for President

2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry has announced his endorsement of Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election stating he can ’Put back together the country and world that Donald Trump has broken apart’. Kerry will be attending a tour with Biden starting Friday and lasting for the coming weeks and months as he continues his endorsement of Biden’s campaign.

Brennan 4 months

So a one-time loser candidate endorses a two-time loser nominee? (Sarcasm) Yeah this’ll work well for Biden.

America 4 months

Couldn't get Obama so Kerry? Whatever helps you sleep at night.

MoralKombat 4 months

Old white man endorses another old white man to be the old white presidential candidate of a political party obsessed with identity politics and intersectional victim heiarchies.... Honk honk. 🤡

Aaron 4 months

Two senile centrists showing loyalty how heartwarming 😉

Ben B.
Ben B. 4 months

Because their crime families are connected

Paulie C.
Paulie C. 4 months

Well he surely has it in the bag now.

cherifleury 4 months


porcus 4 months

HaHa! I bet we will start seeing more of the old guard Democrats start voicing support for Biden. They have to be getting really nervous watching the elebenty Far Left candidates inch closer to him.

JMMA-Z 4 months

yeah because everyone cares what Kerry thinks! lol

Brian M
Brian M 4 months

Creepy Joe Biden: "ooh John you smell good, almost as good as all those little girls".

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 4 months

Haha... a pity endorsement

Shalyn 4 months

Of course he does... criminals have to stick together, so they can be sure the other won't make a deal with the Government and turn on the other. Now he just looks more guilty. Kerry is a corrupt politician. Plain and simple.

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 4 months

Real talk. The current photo was a terrible choice. Almost as bad as YouTube rewind 2019, but at least Joe Biden is laughing.

O'Brien 4 months

Biden not used to sniffing the hair of adults but clearly getting ready to make exception in this photo.

npc8472 4 months


Sir_Kutz 4 months

Another nail in the old coffin there bud.

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