Hong Kong police chief calls for peaceful protest

Hong Kong police chief calls for peaceful protest

Hong Kong’s Police chief urged people to protest peacefully on the coming weekend. Police officials have allowed the demonstration, organized by Civil Human Rights First. The group had been able to call together a million people for peaceful marches during the summer. However, police concerns over home-made explosives continues to remain, with a number of explosives confiscated till now.

Sullivas 5 months

"When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is a right" -Simon de Bolivar

Bill 5 months

Down with Emperor Xi Jinping and his Communist regime . Freedom for Hongkong !

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 5 months

3 news sources and it looks like 3 different opinions.

Marion 5 months

I have a feeling they are saying that so people don't bring their gas masks and other defensive equipment. Then the HK Police can use the tear gas they love so much to greater effect. The HK protestors likely know this, and will likely bring their gear anyways. Freedom from "President" Xi! Freedom for Hong Kong!

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 5 months

Peaceful protest? Yeah, I'm sure the stormtrooper Chinese military will respect it. Or maybe they'll run them over with tanks. I'm sure just because they did it once they would never think to do it again.

Yoshiki 5 months

People who comments to support the CCP to send military to HK or sees no hope in the movement are clueless to say the least. Hopefully they are not the Chinese 50 cent army at work, since such ridiculous claims can't be coming from sane persons with a western education/upbringing. There is no way China can have military involve in this, unless they want their regime to collapse overnight. There is already massive support in China for HK, plus the empty threats they keep spewing out after the US passed the HK human rights act, combined together with the "negotiations" so far with the US at the trade war, shows no signs that they can strong arm anything. Plus one major thing, they can't mobile troops like it was 30 years ago with no one noticing, protestors already have a common goal to provoke China to send in troops as a "if we burn, you burn with us" scenario, everyone would just go home to sleep when that happens and wait for the imminent international sanction and the fall of CCP to follow.

Vytautas 5 months

why not bring the army to use and stop this bullsht in single night?

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