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US adds 266,000 jobs in November

US adds 266,000 jobs in November

Hiring in the US jumped last month to its highest level since January, with employers adding 266,000 jobs. The unemployment rate declined to 3.5% from 3.6% in October and wages rose a solid 3.1% in November compared with a year earlier.

Gucci Swag B
Gucci Swag B 7 months

Anyone tired of winning yet?

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 7 months

Keep America Great!

Seekster 7 months

Even more good news.

I have no idea
I have no idea 7 months


Edward Williams
Edward Williams 7 months


Bill 7 months

Stick that up you Buns Liberals Socialist DemoRats and Libertarians !

bobby_5150 7 months

God damn you, Trump! Impeachment!

Highlander 7 months

Can you imagine how much more could be achieved if the Dems had actual done some work instead of investigating Trump for the last 3 years. They have time to run a bogus impeachment enquiry but no time to even debate USMCA let alone push it through. All pundits agree that this trade deal will create even more jobs. Dems have been decrying Trumos trade policies but refure to do a thing to push this trade deal. Dems are a fucking disgrace.

porcus 7 months

Weird, miles always says how bad things are...

Pine 7 months

Good news continues, and a big thanks to all the American companies hiring more workers! After Bush blew up the economy, Obama was able to get the abysmal 10% unemployment down to 5% in 2016, Trump has continued the Trend with tax cuts to help businesses, edging down a little more each year. But I Hope he focuses on BETTER jobs with more green innovation so we can take those jobs from China before we fall behind, as well as increasing minimum wages!

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 7 months

Christmas is coming and most of these will be in retail, warehousing and distribution. People with jobs will spend more money on products and services. Fuck you Capitalism.

Barret X
Barret X 7 months

I got a job a few days ago. Lots of places are hiring around me.

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 7 months

People have jobs. Left: But not everyone. Some people do Left: Probably not good jobs. But some people are making money. Left: For now.

TheChad 7 months

Bill Maher must be devastated!

Alan 7 months

McJobs? “Service sector jobs accounted for the lion's share of the November gains with 206,000 jobs added.”

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 7 months

so why is orange man bad again?

CoLpOeSnED 7 months

seasonal hirings?

tenoclock 7 months

Orange Man Good!!

James 7 months

gotta grab that second job to pay for them holiday gifts

nsmith2016 7 months

Any of those jobs pay a living wage?

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