Medical records showing excellent health released by Elizabeth Warren

Medical records showing excellent health released by Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the first Democratic presidential candidate to disclose her official health information during this election cycle when she released her personal health records on Friday. Warren consumes a daily dose of medication to treat her only medical condition which is hypothyroidism.

Paul C
Paul C 4 months

Clearly they didn't check for normal brain activity.

Austin Cherry
Austin Cherry 4 months

Her health isn't an issue, it is her horrible policies that is the problem.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 4 months

Is warren is the only Democrats frontrunner that hasn't got any health problems, Bernie's on deaths door, Joe's got dementia and cant function, Hillary been falling for years because of Kuru...its like they want them to die live on stage.

Rocky 4 months

But still no sign of her Indian DNA? Strange considering she was on Harvard's list of minority staff. She has no chance in a general election. Why does the media continue to waste their free campaign ads.

porcus 4 months

She is tanking, fast. This is just an attempt to keep her in the news. Nobody cares about her medical records, they care about Biden's and Sander's.

Tahnya 4 months

Who cares? She is just another centrist, we need Bernie Sanders, the ONLY candidate who has been fighting for us for decades.

Bill 4 months

O Hell then we got on Mental Illness for thinking she's Pocahontas !

IvoryDove 4 months

Obviously, no mental health examination was performed.

michael zubas
michael zubas 4 months

she's still.working for the.Donors

cherifleury 4 months

Well, yeah, except that she's a retard.

TugboatTommy 4 months

Nobody has been worried about her health. Mental capacity maybe....

Deborah 4 months

I could care less about her lying azz! #Bernie2020

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