Sanders proposes $150 billion for public broadband improvements

Sanders proposes $150 billion for public broadband improvements

Sen. Bernie Sanders has unveiled a $150 billion plan for US broadband if he wins the 2020 presidential election. The funds would be used for infrastructure grants and technical help for ’publicly owned and democratically controlled, co-operative or open access’ broadband. He would also ensure free broadband in public housing.

Mutatis 6 months

Why not just start by advocating the removal of all government barriers that allow the ISPs to maintain their dominance? Not sure why every first attempt at a solution has to require giving the government all the control/power?

Hayden 6 months

The big ISP's sliced the country up like a pie so they wouldn't need to compete. The U.S. has some of the priciest internet service in the world, and it's definitely not the fastest or most reliable either.

AD C 6 months

For once, this is a plan that does sound good to me. Will want to hear more details. Good ideas do need to be executed well after all.

America 6 months

So he wants to treat it like a public utility so down with capitalism altogether and more socialism, yay Bernie! /s Step 2 of plan: Redistribute the wealth. <----Every socialist scheme ever. No thanks Bernie I just want more of MY money to work for ME. BTW this is how Russian moderates their utilities. I do not want government involvement anywhere near my entertainment sources. This guy is one slippery slope idea after another.

Just_Saying 6 months

Help pay for it by placing a fee on large tech for every HB1 worker they hire to be split between an education scholarship for US citizens and paying for expanding height speed services.

Manuel 6 months


Country Killjoy
Country Killjoy 6 months

I'm not into government subsidized internet service, but I do dream of smashing the ISP monopolies with a massive sledgehammer. Too bad the ISPs are lobbying Congress to look the other way.

michael zubas
michael zubas 6 months what.America Needs..

michael zubas
michael zubas 6 months


Paul N
Paul N 6 months

Does he even know what the internet is? Maybe he was referring to internment. Like camps for people that disagree with extreme socialism

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 months

Vote for me. I'll give you free shit.

cherifleury 6 months

Oh, this'll surely solve the problems of access to healthcare, income inequality, and world hunger. More cat-assing losers in the world with nothing better to do than to be triggered by the wrong pronoun, the sight of a gun, or an idea with which they disagree.

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 6 months

Debukradig Suhshulisub

david dindu
david dindu 6 months

high speed internet is a yooooman right

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 6 months

This seems a modern version of RFD. Since email has mostly replaced the postal service, this is a natural extension of services for underserved communities. The question, like with most things brought up by Sanders, is how do we legitimately pay for it, without stealing from our future incomes.

Larry 6 months

When the government controls it, you will only view what the government wants you to.

Alan 6 months

Should we not be focusing on healthcare? This sounds like a first world problem, if you will.

Indo 6 months

Many parts of the Tech sector are still in the pits. Hope this seriously helps

Sirax 6 months

or just wait for Starlink to finish...

Based Haole
Based Haole 6 months

so taxpayers should fund Corporate expansion and updates to their privately owned business....dumb fucking commie

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