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Mexican president accuses US of interference over funding for NGOs

Mexican president accuses US of interference over funding for NGOs

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s government has complained to US officials about their alleged financing for an anti-corruption group that allegedly engaged in political activity against the Mexican administration. López Obrador’s comments came shortly before a scheduled online meeting with US VP Kamala Harris. ’It is an interventionist act that violated our sovereignty,’ he said.

Rocky 1 months

Sounds about right. Trying to drum up a "movement" against an administration and trying to rig elections is a American democratic party specialty.👍🏽

Daniel 1 months

Maybe if the government did something about corruption and cartel control there would be no need for foreign leadership to step in.

Bin Noah
Bin Noah 1 months

Méxicos President is very corrupt and dictator like. Both him and his party MORENA. They don't represent Mexicos Best interest nor the people's interest. México needs another leader!!

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

It was good enough for the US elections, why not Mexico as well? Makes sense to me.

Kimchibug 1 months

As far as I’m concerned Mexico is a fallen state owned and run by the cartel.

Abhijeet 1 months

Funny how Americans fight tooth and nail when it comes to freedom - even when it means the right to make own’s mistakes. Asked to stay in during pandemic? - Nooo, I have constitutional right to make mistakes, I will do it. But when it comes to other nations, complete disregard for the sovereignty and independence, they want to make the rules, take the reins. Every nation whether they are doing it right or wrong, have the right to do it their way. Or if they actually have balls, try shutting CCP for once, we’ll see then

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