AOC celebrates Amazon NYC office which brings in only 1500 jobs

AOC celebrates Amazon NYC office which brings in only 1500 jobs

On February 14, Amazon announced it was scrapping plans to build a second headquarters in New York. Much of the blame was placed at the feet of Representative Ocasio-Cortez. Presently, Amazon has announced it will open a new office in west Manhattan, prompting AOC to take a victory lap. The problem is, the new office brings only 1,500 jobs, compared to 25,000 jobs lost when the HQ fell through.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams
Paul C
Paul C 2 months

I have to agree with Tim Pool's take on it:

JanitorJez Mean Badger
JanitorJez Mean Badger 2 months

There is an option to vote to replace the headline with : Amazon drags its sorry ass to NYC anyway, no tax dollars required. Too funny😂

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

Nice job AOC! If trump handled this we’d be left giving our first born to Amazon! Facing backlash from Ocasio-Cortez and other New York Democrats over $3 billion in tax incentives to open an office employing 25,000, Amazon abruptly cancelled the HQ2 plan in February. On Friday, the company announced plans to open an office with 1,500 workers in Manhattan's Hudson Yards development. 'Won’t you look at that: Amazon is coming to NYC anyway - *without* requiring the public to finance shady deals, helipad handouts for Jeff Bezos, & corporate giveaways,' Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a tweet.

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