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TikTok criticized for suppressing disabled users’ videos

TikTok criticized for suppressing disabled users’ videos

TikTok was criticized for their policy of suppressing videos from users they deemed physically disabled including people with Down syndrome, facial disfigurements, fat and queer people. Reports say these videos are downvoted or supressed and made visible only within their country of origin. TikTok reportedly defends their decision as a move to protect disabled people.

Michael Mastriano
Michael Mastriano 9 months

yeah it was developed in a country which has concentration camps for organ harvesting. they aren't very pc

F G 9 months

Do people not realise Tik Tok is a Chinese company? that the Comunism that they so much want is not so fun after all?

ConcealCarryProtect 9 months

Beautiful people only. We cant sell ugly.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 9 months

Queer people are disabled. Not my words haha

CheekyGreenConure 9 months

which is easier, ban the "offensive" people or the "offended"? They can't possibly control harassment so they do the smarter and easier thing. Ban those who are susceptible to it. genius

Highlander 9 months

Tik Tok is removing people who are potentially going to be offended which is far fewer than those who potentially offend. They have looked at the way the west is handing the problem and noted that companies like YouTube are removing thousands of people from their platform simply because one or two people complain about their content. The know this is a numbers game and have decided to remove the people who get offended over the stupidest things as this number is infinitely smaller. The PC crowd only have themselves to blame for this. Those who are easily offended but are very vocal. The Chinese will not put up with these professional victims who have decided that because they want to be offended they have the right to force other people off a platform. I never thought I would ever defend the Chinese on a matter of free speech, but there you go. For all those who defend You Tube when they remove people they personally disagree with, you have brought this on yourselves.

Sir_Kutz 9 months

“Queer” is not a disability.

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 8 months

But harassing gay disabled trannies is the whole reason I have TikTok! Now I'll have to actually do something with my life. *finds job application*

Katharine 9 months


Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 9 months

TikTok spitting straight facts believe it or not.

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