Planned Parenthood shooter faces charges for killing 3 people in Colorado

Planned Parenthood shooter faces charges for killing 3 people in Colorado

A man who admitted to killing three people and injuring nine in a mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado in 2015 has been indicted by a federal jury on 68 charges. The indictment said Robert Dear, 61, was ’intending to wage war’’ on Planned Parenthood because it offered abortions. ’I’m not crazy, I’m just a religious zealot,’ he told the court. Dear could face the death penalty.

bobby_5150 6 months

You're right, Miles. It's much better to kill thousands of babies.

Seekster 6 months

Not a fan of planned parenthood but what this guy did was straight up murder. Just because they do it doesn't mean you get to. Throw the book at him.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 6 months

Whacko right to lifers like killing adults. Irony? No. Pathetic.

CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 6 months

Retroactive abortion?

Person Coolname
Person Coolname 6 months

It's genuinely disturbing that there are "pro-lifers" who think that the murder of three actual people — people with hopes and dreams, who loved and were loved by friends and families — is equal to a fetus that can't love, think, or feel any physical sensation until 27wks (which is 3 weeks AFTER the legal limit). B-dubs, at 27wks, a fetus is considered viable. That means that, instead of aborting it, they perform an emergency C-section, then deliver the baby to the NICU, where they do everything in their power to keep it alive. If the mother doesn't want to keep the baby, it's put up for adoption once it's healthy. Laws should be based on empirical data, not on emotion, and never, ever on religious belief.

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