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US shutting down WTO appeals court

US shutting down WTO appeals court

Global arbiter World Trade Organization (WTO) will lose its ability to intervene in trade wars, on Tuesday. The WTO’s appellate body, which acts as a supreme court for international trade will soon be paralyzed due to the continuing refusal of US President Donald Trump to approve WTO appellate nominees. The terms of two of the three last judges will end on Tuesday.

Robert 9 months

Is Trump actually based? I liked the guy but I never expected him to really stick it to Globalists like this implies.

porcus 9 months

If true I am greatly amused and appreciative.

Forester_ 9 months

If anyone can find more sources for this, that'd be great.

Hannibal 8 months

The Reuters article failed to mention any of Trump's criticisms of the WTO except development status. Maybe it's because the US frequently loses in the WTO despite blatant market rigging and protectionism in the EU, South Korea, and China. The EU official's quote was the best, whining about trade relations no longer being about rules. Says the side manipulating a rigged game! America ascendant baby!

James Johnson
James Johnson 9 months

oh, if only it was as they say. America First.

IvoryDove 8 months

Imagine a world without a tool for oligarchs to direct governments on trade policy. OK.. That's the world we lived in for ever. The WTO is a globalist tool to overturn the will of the American people and force our trade to comply with the wishes of a small group of unelected non-Americans. It's part of GHWB's "New World Order" and it's time to end it.

michael zubas
michael zubas 8 months


Just_Saying 8 months

Not surprised at all. Trump wants to destroy any agency private or public that has oversight powers that might block him and his oligarch friends from unfair and illicit behavior. He is doing it to the courts, the free press, the UN, trump is a grave threat to our open free democratic style of self governance and equality under the law. He must lose big in 2020 and be removed from office by force if necessary.

Katharine 8 months

That's too bad.

America 8 months

Wer'e fighting WW3 without fighting WW3 :)

IvoryDove 8 months

What would the world do without this 24 year old organization? Wait... What? 24 years old? So we lived without it for almost ever? Shitcan it!

Sullivas 8 months

The Rogue Elite strikes again

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