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Manhunt on for suspect who run over and killed a Texas cop

Manhunt on for suspect who run over and killed a Texas cop

A Houston-area police sergeant was killed when a man wanted on a domestic violence warrant broke free from police while being handcuffed, fled from a traffic stop and struck her with his vehicle. The search continued Wednesday for 21-year-old Tavores Henderson, who still likely has one handcuff attached to his wrist. Henderson is accused of driving into 43-year-old Nassau Bay Sgt. Kaila Sullivan.

Wayne 8 months

Ban cars as deadly weapons

porcus 8 months

He is going to get the death penalty.

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 8 months

He looks like a SoundCloud rapper.

bobby_5150 8 months

Looks like a fine upstanding child. Probably helps little old ladies cross the street.

CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 8 months

Jeez... and he looks like such a fine upstanding young man - a fine catch for any lady - or any police department.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 8 months

"RUN OVER"???? In a news outlet headline?

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