Michael Horowitz: My report doesn’t ’vindicate anybody’

Michael Horowitz: My report doesn’t ’vindicate anybody’

Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz on Wednesday pushed back against former FBI Director James Comey’s claim that the FISA abuse report vindicates him against allegations of wrongdoing during the bureau’s investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign. ’I think the activities we found here don’t vindicate anybody who touched this FISA,’ Horowitz testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

porcus 3 months

HaHa! Liar!

Daddy Tito
Daddy Tito 3 months

Please lock this smug narcissist up.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 3 months

Comey: Yes! Vindication! Horowitz: Hold your horses buckaroo...

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Hahaha but does it bring the "storm" or reveal the horror of the "deep state".... I dont think so. It hilarious to see people grasp tightly to these debunked theories.

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