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44,000-years old cave art found in Indonesia

44,000-years old cave art found in Indonesia

A painting has been discovered in Indonesia that has been found to be 44,000 years old. The painting, depicting a buffalo being hunted by part-human, part-animal creatures, which located on an island east of Borneo. Before this, the oldest examples of cave art date back to about 35,000 years old.

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 7 months

Grug use color stick to draw draw time ex wife took kids and favorite sharp stick to kill big meat. Ex wife also took cave and married dark skin grug. Grugs knows they commit 50% but are also 13% of grugs. Grug angry, so grug went and bought 5.56 rocks for semi automatic Rock thrower. Grug going to favorite water hole of ex wife. Many other grugs there. Grug doesn’t care about the devastation, Grug wants his revenge.

User Inactive
User Inactive 7 months

Forty-four thousand years ago someone killed a fat auroch and their tribe ate well so they wrote about it on their version of the internet, the more things change the more they stay the same. đź‘Ť

Sullivas 7 months

Proto-human art. NEAT

John W
John W 7 months

they call them Early Indonesians, like they would have anything in common with modern Indonesians.

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 7 months

Still better than modern 'art'.

ConcealCarryProtect 7 months

Needs a banana.

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 7 months

Things like this are so cool.They are communicating with us through millennia, taking the time to document their experiences.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 7 months


IvoryDove 7 months

The oldest cave art in the world depicts a caveman's head and hands reaching over a rock and the words "Grok was here!" inscribed below.

bobby_5150 7 months

Today, we call it graffiti.

Katharine 7 months

Is it real?

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