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Key EU countries rebuff Biden on sharing COVID-19 vaccine patents

Key EU countries rebuff Biden on sharing COVID-19 vaccine patents

European countries separated themselves from the US about Covid-19 vaccine waivers. French leader Macron said that IP rights is not the issue of the day. All the leaders of 27-nation bloc discussed the proposal of the US to share vaccine IP rights. But EU leaders were divided on its usefulness. According to experts, waiver negotiation will take years and cannot be covered for immediate needs.

Suzi 1 months

It doesn’t make sense to hand over the IP. The third world doesn’t have the ability to manufacture the vaccines even with the IP. Building the infrastructure necessary in the third world will take too long. It’s quicker (a possibly cheaper) to buy the vaccines from the people that actually invented them and send those vaccines to the third world. Money has incentivized pharmaceutical companies to develop life saving medications. Stop paying them tons of money, or steal their IP and they simply won’t develop any more life saving medications (and they definitely won’t produce vaccines for a novel virus in less than a year).

Frank Raynolds
Frank Raynolds 1 months

When Jonas Salk created the polio vaccine, he intentionally didn't patent it because he thought it would be reprehensible for a company to profit from denying people a means to avoid getting polio... Ah, the times they are a changin...

Randall 1 months

Capitalism: If there's no profit to be had, it ain't gonna happen.

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