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8 In 10 Americans say politics biggest source of stress in life

8 In 10 Americans say politics biggest source of stress in life

According to a study conducted by OnePoll, eight in 10 Americans blame politics as the biggest stressor in their life. Of the 2000 polled, 78% blamed the political discourse as being a number one source of anxiety and stress in their life. 68% polled also said that right now is the most stressed they’ve ever been in their entire life. Other major stressors included money, work and partners.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 8 months

Like the article suggests, you cannot escape politics, it used to be that the average American could watch a late night show or sports and get an escape from reality... now it's just orange man bad- insert canned laughter or something about kneeling. Heck even deodorant and razors have been politicized, you can't just tune it out. Some enjoy politics but your average person doesn't care. Add to that the hyperpartisan nature of news broadcasts and you can see how that would even stress someone politically engaged. Who cares that Trump posts memes- even worse, how do you not laugh at him doing so?! The orange man, even if you don't like his personality isn't the worst person in the world- he's delivered economic results beyond anyone's wildest dreams and he's a goofy guy that is hilarious to watch. When else have you had a leader who can use humor and memes to lighten the mood. Unfortunately the old guard media choose to get angry (Don Lemon), falling right into an obvious troll.

Matthew 8 months

Than their lives must be fantastic... Nice not to worry about your next meal or suffering from a disease... life is hard and short so if the worst thing is politics your doing pretty f***ing good.

America 8 months

Historically its money followed by work related stress. Think about just a couple of the things that top the list that Lifeaid is reporting with their survey. Politics and another one is climate change. Now correlate that with the amount of media coverage. So, just keep in mind traditionally the below articles point us to more true data and a more realistic overall perspective of stressors. Money - Money - Money -

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