Harvey Weinstein reaches $25 million settlement with accusers

Harvey Weinstein reaches $25 million settlement with accusers

Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has reached a $25 million settlement with more than 30 women who had accused him of sexual misconduct. If approved, the settlement would conclude most of the civil lawsuits pending against him. A trial is scheduled for Jan. 6th and Weinstein could face life in prison if convicted.

Stephen 2 months

On the one hand, that's a rather low amount for what he is accused of, on the other hand, this was always about money and not justice.

white cis male monster!
white cis male monster! 2 months

It makes me wonder how many women offered to “do anything, and I mean anything 😉” to get their big break in the movies. Up to the point Weinstein became expectant and then entitled to to sex? Sure he’s a creep and went way too far, but these things rarely happen in a vacuum. How many young women go to Hollywood to “get discovered” and end up in porn and go no further too?

TheMadDane 2 months

Ahhh, thank god for rape insurance.

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 2 months

Once again, money fixes everything!

VaasDC 2 months

I still dont understand why we take hollywood actor people serious, majority of them are trash and would turn one dime on the public when money's on the line.

TheChad 2 months

I would be willing to bet that the accusers were told “Take this settlement your you’ll never work in this business again.”

npc8472 2 months

If this wasnt about money the accusers would refuse this and any other deal like this. They wouldnt be satisfied with anything but personal accountability from him. This settlement provides neither financial or personal responsibility from him.

SimonR 2 months

Where can I get this kind of insurance?

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 2 months

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bushes. Do yourself a favor, take the money, have a holiday, and let this chapter come to a close.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 2 months

It was a $47 million settlement. $20 million will pay for Weinstein's lawyers.

Barry 2 months

the only reason Cosby is in jail is cause he broke

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 2 months

So $20 million to the lawyers and $5 million to the plaintiffs?

Thaddeus 2 months

When is going to be his turn ⛓️ ?

Moogle Joestar
Moogle Joestar 2 months

Why are settlements a thing again?

porcus 2 months

Weinstein looks unhealthy.

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