Arsenal distances itself from Ozil’s comments on China, Uighurs

Arsenal distances itself from Ozil’s comments on China, Uighurs

English soccer club Arsenal has distanced itself from the comments of its star midfielder Mesut Ozil after he posted messages critical of China’s policies toward its Uighur minority. Ozil, who is a Muslim, called Uighurs ’warriors who resist persecution’. He slammed China’s crackdown as well as the silence of Muslims in response.

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 4 months

so actual prosecution is o.k of it is done by China apparently

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 4 months

Grug think athletes who get payed 10s of millions of berries to kick ball around are berry picking cowards.

Louie 4 months


Noobs 4 months

Well, add Arsenal to the list of institutions and things I will not give anything to. Fuck Arsenal.

Rational ific
Rational ific 4 months

For China, unlike for the West, victimhood does not get you points. In the West, you gain recognition and power when you criticize the freest (for now...) countries in the world. But the only thing that can break the West's love of victimhood is their love of money. And now, China's money is coming in to play, and that goes against those who claim victimhood. In the end, at least with regards to China critics, China wins, as money rules all. Similarly, in the future, we will see the clash between Muslims and the SJWs who wanted to let their culture permeate their societies. We shall see who wins that war...but right now, the SJWs are still clueless that that war is brewing. What is for sure is that Western corporations will end up supporting the side that they find to be more powerful and profitable.

Innerparty 4 months

England isn't what it used to be... alas.

TheMadDane 4 months

Chinese vs Muslims...who to root for. 🤔

Paul N
Paul N 4 months

Kapernick fake racism media cheers. Real live present genocide and torture media support runs away. Teams duck for cover. Welcome to the progressive global world.

Ywacch 4 months

Arsenal: y’all hear sumn?

Mitchell 4 months

Now why would they keep their head down over a comment like this? 🤔

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