Supreme Court to rule on release of Trump tax records

Supreme Court to rule on release of Trump tax records

The Supreme Court on Friday will adjudicate whether President Trump may shield disclosure of his financial information from congressional committees and a New York prosecutor. This raises the prospect of a landmark ruling on a sitting president’s immunity from investigation. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and three Democratic-led congressional committees have won lower-court decisions

I have no idea
I have no idea 5 months

Hopefully they will uphold his privacy rights.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 5 months

Just another wild fishing expedition on the Democrats forever witch hunt to overturn the 2016 election.

Highlander 5 months

The bigger question should be what is the motivation of any judge who rules that Trump must show his tax returns. There is nothing written in the constitution which states that the President must do so. Therefore his constitutional right to privacy overrides the personal demands of anyone in the legislative branch. Any demands by anyone in congress must be conditional on them providing proof if any potential crime which justifies their demand. You cannot make such a demand simply because you 'think the president may be hiding something'. They must provide some evidence of some crime. The police cannot just break into someone's house just because one over zealous officer thinks that person may just be hiding some stolen guns. That person has rights and so does the president. This could also end very badly for the Dems. If the supreme court rules that Trump must show his tax returns then this sets a precedent that every elected official must do so. you cannot have one rule for the highest elected office in the land which does not apply to every other elected office. I'm pretty sure many of the Dems are dirty as hell. This includes Pelosi, Schiff,Feinstein, and absolutely Maxine Waters. I think Trump's tax returns are clean. It is likely that he is playing the Dems and that if he is forced to show his tax returns, the Dems can hardly cry foul when Trump demands that we must also set their returns. The Dems can hardly declare that the public have no right to see their tax returns when they have pushed so hard to see Trump's and we will really see some serious evidence of corruption when thus happens

B. K.
B. K. 5 months

Under normal circumstances with the supreme court one would expect them to uphold the lower courts 3 rulings. But with Moscow Mitch blocking the appointment of Judge Garland until Trump was in office and the then appointment of Trump appointed I-like-beer Kavanagh, it could be a toss up of what can happen. The current supreme court is made up of a 5 to 4 Republican to Democrat nomination. So to not follow precedent will show the inequality created by political appointment of judges. Edit:sp

B. K.
B. K. 5 months

@I have no Idea The NSA stops all over yours every day. While all this has been going on the Patriot Act has been extended. What exactly did you think Snowden released to the public the NSA is doing to Americans? I can use 1024 bit encryption, you cannot. They made Jimmy Carter sell a peanut farm for conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Trump is redirecting military planes to airports so they don't close and affect his golf course. Meanwhile many of his campaign members have been charged. Meanwhile he is being impeached. If there ever was a time to see a president's taxes and financial connections and documents, it's now.

David 5 months

If Trump has nothing to hide, why can't he follow the example set by every former president? The only reason to hide the records for this long is to maintain the guise that he isn't a foreign agent.

anthony 5 months

This piece of shit has kept members of Congress from testifying from both the Muller Report and the Impeachment hearings even though lawfully issued subpoenas were issued and in addition has shielded his tax returns from scrutiny. He ain't fooling me. Anybody that goes out of his way to hide information from the public like this prick has is guilty as a motherfucker. This no good for nothing lying piece of shit is guilty of everything he's been accused of and should be shot as a traitor for his betrayal to the American people and Constitution.

porcus 5 months

This is wrong and stupid that Trump even has to fight to defend his rights. If Congress wants to see his records then pass a law requiring it of EVERY elected official. Don't single out one person who has not committed any crime.

Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor 5 months

why does anyone care?

Mr. Gone
Mr. Gone 5 months

while we are defending POTUS right to privacy, does the constitution say he has to provide a birth certificate?

Ameritexican 5 months

If even the president can be forced to turn over tax returns for dubious reasons then there is no stopping government &/or other functionaries from acquiring anyone's records.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 5 months

Spanksters really don't care about the law but pretend that they do. Truth is that Spanky doesn't have as much money, isn't healthy and didn't do well in school. That's why he hides all of that information. He cried about birtherism and he won't even show his medical records 🤣🤣🤣 He 'sn't the wealthy or intelligent person he self proclaims to be. 'He's an idiot and melting down like the wicked witch of the east 🤣🤣🤣

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