Disagreements emerge in UN Climate talks

Disagreements emerge in UN Climate talks

The final scheduled day of the UN climate talks in Madrid resulted in some divisions and differences emerging between major carbon emitting countries and small island states. Disagreements regarding how much carbon-cutting the major emitters need to undertake caused the divisions.

christine hancock
christine hancock 5 months

It's fine if we reduce the carbon footprint in a way that creates jobs and elevates living standards, particularly for vulnerable developing countries. That's good policy. Unfortunately, the voices calling the loudest are coming from the likes of people like Miss Thunberg; who don't seem to understand that their agenda truly will result in a "survival of the richest" scenario. Without inexpensive fossil fuels, it causes a disruption in food supply, electricity and indoor temperature controls, and the production and distribution of medicine and medical supplies. That can kill thousands of people a year in fully developed nations in a peaceful world... but we don't live in a peaceful world. Millions more will die in the wars violence that will result when nations and peoples who don't want to follow the reduced carbon rules decide to fight for both the forbidden resources and the limited food and medicine. Humanity used to live in that kind of world. It was not a happy, free, or safe place to live.

Innerparty 5 months

U.N. is always good for a laugh.

Got Truth
Got Truth 5 months

Propaganda alert 🚨

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 5 months

Money and power are the fuel that governments run on. The conflict is between common sense and the establishment's belief they must retain their power. As Greta has said, governments are great at talking but fear of losing power overwhelms any action. Everybody is waiting for the magic bullet that will reverse the predictable catastrophe. The trouble is there is no foreseeable magic savior. Leaving it for the next guy to fix is ok when there is no deadline. Governmental entropy is a recipe for disaster.

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