Greta Thunberg apologizes for ’against the wall’ comment

Greta Thunberg apologizes for ’against the wall’ comment

Teen activist Greta Thunberg apologized on Saturday for a comment that was interpreted by some as a threat of violence against politicians who ignore climate change. Thunberg said she was translating a Swedish expression into English which then read as ’put them against the wall’. ’I apologize if anyone misunderstood this’, the teenager said.

Correspondent in Virginia
Correspondent in Virginia 5 months

It's interesting that no where does it mention she's returning for an education. Wouldn't it be better to get an education and change the world yourself then just to talk about it from a podium? It's also always interesting that the most known climate activists do not have degrees in climate science, but rather wikidegrees.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 5 months

"Gas em" Greta Unironically just called for violence and should be locked up.

!Generic Clone
!Generic Clone 5 months

Your mask is slipping Greta....

O'Brien 5 months

Greta leaving climate activism would absolutely be the best thing for climate change and for herself. Growing up in the public eye is incredibly non conducive to healthy personality development and she already obviously has enough challenges. As highly privileged little girl surrounded by elites she can only ever be an alienating figure of division to the working and lower middles classes who will shoulder the cost of climate change policy.

Seed 5 months

If she plans on returning to climate activism in the future, she should stay out of the public eye for some time, finish school, and go heavily into studies of physics, chemistry, maybe some biology, etc. That way, she knows science a lot better and can potentially be more articulate instead of coming off as grouchy and unhinged.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 5 months

What a Brat

Shawn 5 months

“I apologize if anyone misunderstood this” the teenager said.... you spelled “spoiled brat” wrong!

IvoryDove 5 months

She should be sent to the showers.

Horatio 5 months

I think it's very very clear what she meant. No other opinions will be tolerated , and will be dealt with. 1938 Germany seems so clear now.

Dave 5 months

I genuinely feel sorry for this girl. Either she knows what she is saying is bullshit, or (even worse) she has been convinced that everyone is going to die in a few years if they don't stop climate change, so she is terrified. Imagine doing that to a child. It's no different than the African child soldiers. It's just the war they have been conscripted to fight is different.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 5 months

You have really got to be mining to dig "should be put up against a wall and shot" from what she said. "We will make sure that we put them against the wall, and they will have to do their job to protect our futures." Unless the critics think world leaders are so ineffective being dead is not going to impact on their job performance.😀

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 5 months

Popular delusions and the madness of crowds. Isn't the internet just wonderful. They warned King James that printing the bible in English would create a population of half informed idiots. After 500 years they've been proven right.

James 5 months

I'd would just interpret it as "put their backs against the wall" you know the phrase that's been around since before she was born referring to being put in a position to make a decision you probably dont like.

Observer 5 months

Could some Swede explain how "up against the wall" is some sort of innocuous statement. Did Sweden experience a different 20th century from the rest of us? That might explain some things, actually.

Hermit T Mog
Hermit T Mog 5 months

She is surrounded by and heavily influenced and praised by socialists and "anti facists" all day every day. It is not surprising she would spew their rhetoric whether or not she understood it's cultural meaning. After all kids say the darndest things.

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