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Inmate could face hate crime charge in jail worker attack

Inmate could face hate crime charge in jail worker attack

A Los Angeles County jail inmate has been caught on camera knocking down and repeatedly punching a jail employee who is Asian American. Arnulfo Meza, 29, attacked the 54-year-old woman without warning. The custody assistant was taken to a hospital with face and head injuries and was in stable condition. Meza could face charges of assault and committing a hate crime.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months

Now this, im not sure could be classified as a hate crime due to reasonable doubt... he is a inmate she is a corrections worker... But this level of violence doesn't shock or sunrise me.. clearly not someone who should see the light of day

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

arnulfo meza. Doesn't sound White. This will probably disappear as a result.

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 1 months

Oh those d@mn white supremacists are at it again. Good thing we have BLM and the democrats to fix all this!

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

So a convict attacked a guard I mean I'm glad the guard is ok but I doubt it was because they were Asian.

jamie 1 months

A custody assistant huh. Are there any terms or titles Cali doesn’t change. And how do you charge a hate crime because a criminal with a propensity for violence attacks unprovoked? It’s what they do

Dave 1 months

Can I just ask....what was a 54-year-old woman doing walking around a prison alone? Youre surrounded by violent criminals, its not a daycare centre, surely they should be in teams of two at least if you're bringing middle aged women in to deal with violent male criminals.

tim 1 months

Gloves on the other hand. Rule #3 black people that hat Asians are known racist. how’s that possible there Oppressed people

Emmie 1 months

Surely any crime against another is based on hatred. We are all wicked at heart, so saying it's a hate crime is a statement of the obvious nature of human beings.

JustMy.02 1 months

I saw the video. The old broad has a good chin. That not withstanding, women that are giving up 50-100 lbs against violent inmates really have no business working the jails.

Isaiah 1 months

I mean yeah, prisoners and guards don't really get along. I won't argue that he might be racist a lot of prison gangs are, but I don't think that was the sole reason.

John W
John W 1 months

How a Shared Goal to Dismantle White Supremacy Is Fueling Black-Asian Solidarity 😂 https///

Randy 1 months

I think once someone is already in the system, it's stupid to charge them more for doing things they are obviously going to do, like attack guards, or try to escape, or whatever.

John W
John W 1 months

We need daily unity marches against white supremacy. That will surely stop the massive increase attacks on Asians/Jews, in Oakland, and Harlem. How a Shared Goal to Dismantle White Supremacy Is Fueling Black-Asian Solidarity

TexasReb 1 months

I don't know how you can prove racial hate on the part of the attacker but I don't know a of the facts and I can't get inside the perps head. That said, Attacking a Peace Officer while being jailed should have immediate and dire results for the attacker. Complete solitude other than weekly canings in front of other inmates for six months.

Presited Biden【Official】
Presited Biden【Official】 1 months

if only that person had more social workers! 🤡🌐

butch mccloskey
butch mccloskey 1 months

another story that’ll get ignored in favor of crying about “Antifa” bogeymen

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